Taking time for granted…

Just finished reading The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom.  One of my favorite authors, started me off by reading Tuesdays with Morrie.  Who would have thought that a book so inspiring would be followed later, but a fictional  story that makes you appreciate life.

So many times I have wished time would move faster, or slower, only for my selfish reasons.  Today, I remember the importance of life and how valuable our time here is. My hope for the coming years is that I remember the lessons taught in this book, to let things that bother me pass, and to acknowledge the time spend with those I love.


Getting old

Starting to feel really old going out to downtown. Maybe it’s just be feeling like I’m 30+ when I’m really not. I guess once you hit a certain age it definitely clicks and you realize “Damn, I really am too old for going out” or maybe it’s not that. I think I enjoyed my early 20s too much to want to do this. But since I’m out, more on this later


ERAU worldwide conference

Good morning from Orlando!  Currently sitting in the conference room waiting for the next session to start. Just a few more days of this and I’ll be back in San Diego. I’m a bit tired today and still adjusting to the time zone. I’ll post pictures soon and make sure to follow me on instagram @jesantos85. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Dinner with Adriana


Dinner with Adriana last night was a blast.  Sadly, Monica was not able to make it out to dinner.  Adriana made it there in time for happy hour prices.  I would have to say the food there was amazing.  We had the avocado bar, some crispy avocado thing and the cru fries.  The cru fries were on point (bowl full of cheesy french fry and bacon goodness).
Anyway, enough about the food.  We were able to catch up on the last year that we haven’t seen each other.  It seems like within the last year every time we tried to set something up, I was sick.  Tells you something about my immune system.. :/ But this time I was actually healthy enough to go to work and meet up for some dinner after.  I’m so happy to hear of all her good news and of course the drama that happened within the last year.  We both filled each other on what we’ve been up to and how life has been going.  BUT the best part, it was as if we had seen each other last week . 🙂  That’s when you know you have great friends, no matter the time that has passed it still feels like yesterday.

Adriana: Thank you for being the best “hubby” a girl can have.  Have a safe trip to Boston! 🙂

The Bridge

So this morning, with my plan of getting to work earlier so I can go home earlier didn’t quite work out as planned. As I was leaving my area and approaching Imperial Beach, I turn up my radio only to hear that the Coronado Bridge is closed and that there is a potential jumper. You might wonder why I would care that someone was on the Coronado Bridge if I’m in Imperial Beach. Well… it just so happens that I had to work at North Island base this week and taking The Strand is usually easy to get through. NOT TODAY.. Since the bridge was closed this morning since 4:30am, they were directing traffic to Palm Ave. off the 5 freeway. This in turn caused me to get very STUCK on 13th Street.

Being that I grew up in IB, I decided to take a quick turn and took side streets all the way down to the closest stop light at the entrance of Silver Strand. 🙂 Great idea, right? Well, I worked out ok for me, and I was only about 15 minutes late for work.

NOW, to my bigger point… I don’t know what’s actually better. The man ending his life by jumping off the bridge or getting arrested for threatening to jump and holding up traffic for 4+ hours? OK.. staying alive would likely be the better of the two, but who is to say the man won’t do it again. Anyway, the reason for writing this is for you all to reflect on how your life is. All I know is that I am grateful for all the people and friends I have in my life. For those of you are in a time of struggle, remember there is someone out there that is willing to listen. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you need help.


Paralyzed student walks at graduation

This article was so touching. I nearly cried when watching it. He is such a motivated person. Watching this reminded me not to take for granted the things I’m capable of doing. And also reminded me why I have a passion for working with kids. He may not be a kid anymore, but it’s great to see that he didn’t give up on life. There are so many students that commit suicide these days, it’s really unfortunate. We should all be so thankful to be alive. RISE ABOVE!

Paralyzed student walks at graduation.

Getting into fitness mode

So I recently decided to pick up a gym membership again.  Instead of going with Fitness World again, I decided to pick up the $20/month membership at Chuze fitness so that Adrian can come along with me.  I figured this would be a good start to getting myself back in workout mode, since I had gained so much weight from the Hawaii trip last year and so on. I’m hoping that I can lose most of this weight before the summer really hits and when I want to go to the gym.

I know its late for a new years resolutions, so this is my vow to myself… To a better life, better health, and a better body! 🙂 

Fed Ex Tracking


Fed Ex #fedex please explain how my item went from only being 1.8lbs to being 4.1lbs all in the matter of 12 hrs?!?

This is the worst. And when I spoke with FedEx customer service they said they would call me to let me know of they find my package. And of course NO CALL!!!! And then I check just now and find that my package is apparently in Chino, CA and now weighs 4.1lbs as opposed to the 1.8 lbs that it apparently weighed at about 10am this morning!!!!

Where the heck is my package?!

I’m so sad that my package has not yet arrived. And it’s not really that I’m upset that it’s not here yet, I just want to know that it’s going to get here.  What’s the point of having a tracking number when they’re not really tracking your package?! I know that it shipped out last week on the 14th, but why hasn’t it left Kernersville, NC?! So with that said where the heck is my package #fedex!!!??

Nails done by A****n


I didn’t do my nails, and neither did the lady at the nail salon. Who could have been the person who did my nails?
First time painting designs on nails for this person who I love so dearly.  Tulips for the coming Spring season.
Thank you ****** <333

OPI – Over the Taupe
OPI – Jade is the new Black
So East Stripe Rite – White